Third District

The Issues Page is an introduction to some of the issues that may be of the most concern to Georgia's citizens during the 2017-2018 General Assembly. As the session moves forward, this webpage will highlight these hot legislative topics, provide links to the actual legislation on the Legislature's website, and provide additional in-depth discussion that will be provided through one of the issues tabs on the right. If there is a need to expand the selection menu to more topics, such as immigration, transportation, water resources, and that coverage needs more space than what will be available in the More Issues tab, this site may be expanded as needed to cover those issues.


See Senate Bill 79 which would establish two resort-style casinos in the State of Georgia. This legislation was unable to obtain the votes needed to move forward in 2017. It will probably be back up for debate in 2018.

House Bill 118 would regulate Daily Fantasy Sports in Georgia. However, the former Attorney General gave an opinion stating that when money is wagered on sports or fantasy sports, it was illegal under the Georgia Constitution. In addition, it appears that it could be illegal under federal law. Nevertheless, the House passed the bill, and the Senate now must decide whether to take it up.

See the More Issues tab to obtain more information and read my stance on gambling. For the short version, just know that I am opposed to these gambling bills.