Defending Constitutional Freedoms
• Authored Campus Free Speech Act to protect 1st Amendment rights of college students
   (SB 339)

• Sponsored bill to stop governmental entities from adopting gag rules on board
   members (SB 275)

• Authored Keep Faith in Adoption Act to protect the religious liberties of adoption and
   foster care agencies (SB 375)

• Co-sponsor of bill protecting the voluntary religious expression of student athletes
   (SB 309)

• Sponsored the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (SB 129) and First Amendment
   Defense Act (SB 284)

• Supported 2nd Amendment legislation such as Safe Carry Protection Act (HB 60) and
   Concealed Carry on College Campuses (HB 280)
Protecting The Vulnerable
• Senate Sponsor of Fetal Pain Bill to prevent abortions after 20 weeks (HB 954)

• Co-sponsor of bill creating the Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Grant
   program to increase opportunities for would-be mothers to choose life for their unborn
   children (SB 308)

• Authored legislation to create study committee to address overuse of prescribed
   antidepressants and antipsychotics for children and the elderly (SR 489)

• Authored bill to provide insurance rights for non-custodial parents to ensure they can
   obtain medical information on their children (SB 1)

• Supported legislation to create drug repository program to accept and dispense unused
   prescription drugs to serve indigent and elderly patients (HB 897)

• Supported legislation to deal with Georgia's sex trafficking crisis  (SB 8 and SR 7)

• Worked to secure funding for school safety measures (SR 935, HB 763)
Improving Local Education
Opposing Illegal Immigration
Senator William Ligon believes the flow of illegal immigration and its drain on taxpayers must be stopped.

• Sponsored bill to prevent DMV from issuing standard driver's licenses to DACA
   recipients (SB 417)

• Led Republican colleagues to oppose President Obama's nomination of Judge
   Dax Lopez to the federal bench due to his support for amnesty for illegal aliens
   and lax enforcement of immigration laws

• Supported E-Verify legislation (HB 87)
Recognized with a 100% Voting Record by the National Federation of Independent Business, Senator William Ligon believes people have a right to pursue a livelihood and own property without undue burdens from government. 

• Senate Sponsor of legislation to better protect property rights from bureaucratic
   encroachment (HB 661)

• Authored bills to reduce fines being levied by the Board of Cosmetology and the
   Board of Barbers against local businesses (SB 336, SB 337)

• Senate Sponsor of Spaceport Bill for Camden County to become a Spaceport site
   (HB 1)

• Worked to decrease Georgia income taxes (HB 918)

• Supported the FAST Act to streamline licensing and permitting processes for
   businesses (SB 2)
A recipient of awards such as the Legislator of the Year Award by Green Law and the Clean Water Champion Award by the Georgia Water Coalition, Senator Ligon believes we must protect our coast and maintain the District's claim to its watersheds. 

• Sponsored bill to oppose offshore drilling (SR 706)

• Authored bill to develop the Coastal Greenway (SR 26)

• Authored legislation to stop upstream coal ash disposal (SB 165)

• Authored bill to prevent storing surface water in the pristine Floridan Aquifer (SB 36)
• Authored legislation against Common Core and fought coercive Race to the Top
   federal mandates (SB 203)

• Authored legislation to stop intrusive federal data collecting on students and teachers
   (SB 167)

• Helped lead efforts to restore traditional math back into the K-12 curriculum as local
   option and eliminate the objectionable Common Core reading list in ELA through
   testimony to State School Board

• Authored Celebrate Freedom Week to encourage K-12 students to learn about the
   values, principles, and philosophies on which this country was founded (SB 116
   was incorporated into HB 502)

• Authored parental and student rights bill (SB 355)

• Authored resolution compelling College Board to remove leftward slant in the
   AP US History Framework (SR 80)
Protecting our Natural Resources
Reducing Taxes and Regulation
Senator William Ligon fights to protect our inalienable human rights endowed to us by God and recognized in our U.S. Constitution. He is endorsed by the National Rifle Association, has been named Legislator of the Year by the Georgia Baptist Convention and has received the Religious Freedom Award from Citizen Impact USA. See this religious liberty video!
Consistently endorsed by Georgia Right to Life and awarded the Georgia Life Alliance Pro-Life Seal, Senator William Ligon works to protect the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.
Senator William Ligon supports time-tested educational methods, a renewed emphasis on American history and instruction on the founding principles of this nation. He supports public school, homeschool and private education choices for families. He obtained funding to build new facilities for our technical college campuses in both Camden and Glynn counties and for new dorms on the College of Coastal Georgia campus.
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Senator William Ligon, 121-H State Capitol, Atlanta, GA 30334
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In Atlanta, William Ligon will be
an advocate for the conservative
principles of limited government,
       lower taxes, free enterprise,
              individual liberties, and
                               family values.