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(ATLANTA - January 17, 2020) This Monday, legislators met back at the State Capitol to begin the start of the second session of the 155th Georgia General Assembly. We were able to accomplish a lot of substantial work during the last session, and I believe this momentum has translated into our first four legislative days.
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Big Events from Week One
Events from Week Two
(ATLANTA - January 20, 2020) After observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the beginning of the week, the Senate returns to the Capitol this Tuesday for joint budget hearings. This starts the appropriations process as we work to pass a balanced and fiscally responsible budget. Click here to read more.
Pictured left: Sen. William Ligon met with officials from Brantley County at the Okefenokee Occasion in Atlanta.
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Events from Week Three
(ATLANTA - February 4, 2020) With five back-to-back session days last week, members of the Senate and I were able to get a head start on productive discussions surrounding some of the most important legislative topics for our state. On top of committee meetings and chamber hearings, I also introduced Senate Bill 318. Click to read more.
Events from Week Four
Events from Week Five
Events from Week Six
Glynn County Police Department Referendum
Joint Statement by Sen. William Ligon and Rep. Don Hogan
(ATLANTA) February 7, 2020 - Last week marked our fourth under the Gold Dome this session. We met for three legislative days with plenty of committee work in between.

Last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to present Senate Bill 123 in the Senate Natural Resources and the Environment Committee meeting. It has passed out of committee. The bill, as explained in last week's column, would require solid waste disposal facilities that accept certain materials, including coal ash . . . Click to read more.
(ATLANTA) February 24, 2020 - As we move forward with a legislative response to the Grand Jury’s concerns regarding the Glynn County Police Department, Rep. Don Hogan and I continue to seek the best solution to provide the voters of Glynn County an opportunity to weigh-in on whether to continue operating two law enforcement entities for the county. We want to keep everyone updated before introducing the local legislation. Click here to read more.
(ATLANTA) February 14, 2020 - This week, members of the Senate returned to the Capitol for budget hearings, as well as multiple committee meetings. We are working to pass a balanced and fiscally responsible budget. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I met with various subcommittees and department heads regarding their proposals for the Amended Fiscal Year 2020 (AFY20) and Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) budgets. Click here to read more.
(ATLANTA) February 21, 2020 - Six weeks have flown by here under the Gold Dome, and the Senate is hard at work passing meaningful legislation. I was glad to see Senate Bill 356, which I sponsored, pass the Senate this week. SB 356 would allow certain local municipal solid waste landfills, which were operational on July 1, 1997, to expand within two miles of military installations used as bombing ranges. This bill will prevent McIntosh County from having to spend millions of dollars to . . . Click here to read more.
Events from Week Seven
Events from Week Eight
(ATLANTA) March 9, 2020 - On the Senate floor, we passed a number of bills. I was pleased to see Senate Bill 367 pass which will eliminate five state-mandated exams in our elementary and secondary schools. Too many tests have taken valuable time away from academic learning. Teachers were under pressure to “teach to the test” to drive up test scores due to federal mandates. As someone who opposed Race to the Top and Common Core . . . Click here to read more.
(ATLANTA) February 27, 2020 - Twenty-one legislative days have passed under the Gold Dome. We are now more than halfway done with the legislative session. We’re moving at a quick pace, setting each calendar day with multiple bills and resolutions for consideration. Crossover Day will be on March 12. We have until then to get as many Senate bills as possible over to the House for consideration. Click here to read more.
(ATLANTA) March 13, 2020 - The first major deadline of the legislative session, Crossover, is behind us, and all of the bills that can be signed by the Governor after we adjourn on Sine Die, have passed their respective chamber and crossed over to the other chamber. There were several measures that passed this week that will have a direct effect on our district, and others that I believe everyone should know about, regardless of where you live. Here are a few of the 50 plus pieces of legislation that were passed on the Senate floor this week. Click here to read more.
Events from Week Nine
Coronavirus Update
(ATLANTA) March 21, 2020 - Last week, Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan and Speaker of the House David Ralston announced that the Georgia General Assembly will suspend the 2020 legislative session indefinitely. This suspension is in the best interest of the health and safety of members, staff and the citizens of Georgia. Additionally, a colleague of mine in the Senate has tested positive for COVID-19 and therefore, Senate members . . .
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Sine Die
On Friday, June 26th, the General Assembly adjourned, Sine Die. Over the course of the 40-day session, the Senate spent hours debating legislation in committee meetings and on the Senate floor, in order to produce the most precise language in all of ... Click here to read more.