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(ATLANTA - January 18, 2019) This week, the Senate convened the 155th Georgia General Assembly. We welcomed five new members to the Senate. We attended the inauguration of our 83rd Governor, Brian P. Kemp, and the 12th Lt. Governor, Geoff Duncan, who is only the second Republican to hold that office. We were sworn into office by my friend, former Senate colleague and new Supreme Court Justice Charlie Bethel. (Click here to continue reading.)
Big Events from Week One
Events from Week Two
(ATLANTA - January 25, 2019) After observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day at the beginning of the week, the Senate returned to the Capitol this Tuesday for joint budget hearings. This starts the appropriations process as we work to pass a balanced and fiscally responsible budget. As a member of the Senate Appropriations . . . (Click here to continue reading.)
Moving Legislation Forward in Week 3
(ATLANTA - February 1, 2019) Despite our day off on Tuesday in anticipation of inclement weather, we had a productive week of committee meetings here at the Capitol. I introduced two bills this week: Senate Bill 37 and Senate Bill 38. These bills provide clarity for certain legal processes by addressing procedure and unnecessary red tape. (Click here to continue reading.)
(ATLANTA - February 9, 2019) This week in the Senate, we heard our first two pieces of legislation on the Senate floor and worked on vetting several bills in Senate committees. The committee process is vital to reviewing and passing thorough language that won’t have any unintended consequences, and though some of the bills we heard did not pass committee this week, I am certain that working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle that we will produce impactful and sound legislation. (Click to continue reading.)
Senate Passes First Bills in Week 4
Legislative Action in the Senate - Week 5
chamber, and Governor Brian P. Kemp signed our first successful bill, Senate Bill 25, into law on Friday. I am enthusiastic about the bipartisan support that legislation has received so far and I look forward to seeing what meaningful laws we will enact over the next 24 legislative days. (Click to continue reading.)
Legislative Action in the Senate - Week 6
(ATLANTA - February 22, 2019) Twenty legislative days have passed under the Gold Dome, marking the halfway point of the legislative session. We’re moving at a quick pace, setting the calendar each day with multiple bills and resolutions for consideration. This week, we passed 12 bills on the Senate floor. As a reminder, Crossover Day will be on March 7th. We have until that day to get as many Senate bills as possible over to the House for consideration. (Click here to continue reading.)
(ATLANTA - March 1, 2019) As Crossover Day approaches, the Senate got to work perfecting some of the biggest pieces of legislation of the year in committee and passing bills to address Medicaid Waivers, school safety and more on the Senate floor. Overall, we heard and passed 28 Senate and House bills on the floor this week, and next week is sure to be even busier. (Click here to continue reading.)
Legislative Action in the Senate - Week 7
(ATLANTA - February 15, 2019) As our fifth week under the Gold Dome comes to a close, I am proud to say that the Senate is hard at work improving the lives of Georgians. Our first few pieces of legislation have passed unanimously through our
(ATLANTA - March 8, 2019) The first major deadline of the legislative session is behind us, and all of the bills that can be signed by the governor after we adjourn Sine Die have passed their respective chamber and crossed over to the other. There were several measures that passed this week that will have a direct impact on our district and others that I believe everyone should know about, regardless of where you live. Here are a few of the 60-plus pieces of legislation that were passed on the Senate floor this week. (Click here to continue reading.)
Legislative Action in the Senate - Week 8
Electronic Voting with Verifiable Paper Trail - Week 9
(ATLANTA - March 15, 2019) After months of public testimony and hours of robust debate, the Senate has advanced House Bill 316 - cutting through partisan rhetoric to offer Georgia’s voters the safest, most accessible, and most transparent election system possible. (Click here to continue reading.)
Senate Passes LIFE Act (also known as Heartbeat bill)
(ATLANTA - March 22, 2019) This week, the Senate took up a total of 25 bills, one of which is the single most important bill we voted on this session. The Constitution of the United States lays out our rights and tells us that the right to life and property are protected. But today in Georgia, an unborn child’s rights are virtually non-existent, and even our property has more protection under the law than that of an unborn child. (Click here to continue reading.)
Final Week: Sine Die Has Come and Gone
(ATLANTA - April 2, 2019) The Senate has officially adjourned Sine Die, completing the 2019 legislative session and leaving us nine months away from the next opportunity for the legislature to meet and consider changes to our state’s laws. Over the course of the legislative session, 271 Senate bills . . . (Click here to continue reading.)
ATLANTA - April 17, 2019

Now that the Senate and House have adjourned Sine Die, we’ve had some time to reflect on legislation passed, as well as some of the bills that didn’t make it to the finish line but are still on the table for consideration next year. There were several big pieces of legislation that passed that have already been signed by the Governor. This includes  . . . (Click here to continue reading.)