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(ATLANTA) February 21, 2020 - Six weeks have flown by here under the Gold Dome, and the Senate is hard at work passing meaningful legislation. I was glad to see Senate Bill 356, which I sponsored, pass the Senate this week. SB 356 would allow certain local municipal solid waste landfills, which were operational on July 1, 1997, to expand within two miles of military installations used as bombing ranges. This bill will prevent McIntosh County from having to spend millions of dollars to open up a new landfill.

Week Six - Senate Report
On Wednesday, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee met to discuss a bill that will bring awareness to childhood cancer. There is something especially heartbreaking when a child is diagnosed with cancer. Senate Bill 340 will recognize September 1 as Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. Our hope is that it will not only bring awareness to childhood cancer, but also encourage funding for pediatric cancer research.
I had the privilege of introducing Senate Resolution 546 in the same committee. SR 546 encourages law enforcement officers, psychiatric facilities, doctors and therapists to purchase and freely distribute Mental Health Alert Wristbands to those suffering from mental health disabilities. It also encourages Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officers to wear the wrist bands as a way for those with mental illnesses to easily identify them as trained people who can offer assistance.
The resolution, which passed unanimously, also commends Dottie Bailey for developing the wristbands. Bailey is a community leader who has gone above and beyond to advocate for mental health awareness. She is a CIT Community Instructor and Certified Peer Specialist who is now a trusted ally of first responders as they seek out best practices for dealing with mental health patients in situations when they present a potential danger to themselves or others.
Mental health is a major issue in Georgia. Unfortunately, when an individual’s mental health symptoms create behaviors that can be considered out-of-control and even dangerous, it is difficult for law enforcement to appropriately recognize the difference between criminal behavior and a mental health crisis. The Mayor of Brunswick and the city's police and fire departments have expressed how beneficial these wristbands are in emergency situations, allowing first responders to quickly recognize someone who is in need of medical assistance rather than a jail cell. Already, these wristbands are being used in many places around Georgia and even in other states thanks to the vision of Dottie Bailey, a Glynn County citizen.
In addition to my legislative duties, I recognized two students from Camden County High School in session on Thursday. Desmond Fogle and Ellis Davis are excelling academically, serving as school leaders and taking advanced placement courses. This year, Ellis was elected Chairman of the National Teen Age Republicans, and Desmond was elected Vice Chairman. With such talent and excellence, I have little doubt that one day they will seek a seat in the Georgia Legislature.
If you find yourself planning a visit to the Capitol, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns about legislation, please call my office. Thank you for your continued trust in me. It is an honor to serve the 3rd Senate District.